JULIAN LARSON AND THE HOLY GONDOLA (Sadly, I don’t own Monty Python, Glee, and Dalton; I’m just a fangirl.)

This is something I drew over break for all of you Jogan shippers out there~

I’m sorry about the quality of the picture (please excuse my poor drawing skills and the way the scanned picture turned out)… I promise I’ll do a final once you guys help me!

Since this ends on a cliff hanger, I’ll be doing a “choose-your-own-adventure” thing where you (the amazing gondoliers or anyone who just read this) can vote on how Sir Julian’s quest ends.

Here are the choices that you can vote for:
A.) Julian and Logan will sail away together on the Holy Gondola
B.) Julian will go back to the tower where Logan is, but find that he is with someone else
C.) Julian will sail away by himself

How do you think this should end?